SharePoint, Flow & Muhimbi

I had another interesting requirement come up with one of my clients.  When a PDF document is dropped into a folder, it is to be sent to a group email for approval.  Anyone in the group may approve/reject the document.  Most people will review the document on their cell phone and they must be able to read document from this mobile device. Once approved, the document is moved to another directory.  The first page of the document is modified to show when the document was submitted and when it was approved/rejected; this will be added as a watermark.  I used Microsoft SharePoint, Flow and Muhimbi to accomplish this.

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SyteLine Basics: Disable the SAVE Button

TLDR: How to modify the Purchase Order Release form so that if the Release Qty is “0”, the Save button is disabled.

I had an interesting requirement come up last week about Blanket PO’s. Several users were complaining that SyteLine was “automatically” creating a Blanket Release with a quantity of zero, when a Blanket PO was first entered. The users wanted this to stop. At first, I thought that this was a feature in SyteLine: I mean, who would create a Blanket PO and never enter a Release against it? SyteLine was anticipating what the User wanted to do next…sounds like a feature to me. But, if the users wanted this turned off, I was willing to comply.

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