SyteLine Basics: You Don’t Need an IDO

I stumbled across something the other day that I had no idea existed: When creating a new Form, the Mongoose Framework allows you to put a table name in the collections definition.  You don’t have to have an IDO! (or a Custom Load Method.)

Very interesting.  I honestly had no idea this was even possible; but there it was…in plain sight…in the development manual…underneath a stack of books…under 50 millimeters of dust.

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SyteLine Basics: User Extended Tables (UET)

This is about as basic as you can get with the Mongoose Framework from Infor.  Years ago, when I first started working with SyteLine (now CSI – Cloud Suite Industrial) I wish someone had posted an article that explained the basics.  Well, here it is.

Let’s assume that you want to add a “flag” (or check box) to an existing form that signifies something.  (What it signifies isn’t important, other than it’s important and significant.)  For arguments sake, let’s choose the Item Form and we’ll add our flag to signify that we like this part.  Another requirement is that we must be able to Filter on this flag.

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