Infor Industrial CloudSuite v9.01: First Impressions

During my entire SyteLine career I’ve only worked with version 8, so I was looking forward to seeing what changes there were in version 9.01.  Like most people, I’m somewhat bewildered by the name change from SyteLine to CloudSuite Industrial, but I’ve come to accept that many things in life will never make sense to me.

I first noticed that Infor is using more screen space, which means more fields on each form.  In fact, the forms don’t even seem to have a “box” around them.  The second thing that jumped out at me is the default color scheme: shades of grey, with a small splash of blue hues along the top.  This is a refreshing update.

Being a developer at heart, I was anxious to see how the Design Mode might have changed.  There are more Framework Components which means more options for better looking forms.

The Form Scripting IDE was also updated.  The Object Viewer comes up on the left-hand side be default.  I didn’t have time to see if there was a dark theme.

I noticed these dotted blue lines in Design mode that piqued my interest.  I found out that these were part of the Flex Layout and used as “guides” with aligning labels and fields.  Great idea! In fact these Flex Layouts can even be assigned a name so the versatility is broad.

Last, I want to point out the Event Handlers.  I almost cried when I saw this. They are now grouped together for better readability and organization.  For those programmers among us, this is a welcomed move. It looks great and will speed up development.

To summarize, I’m VERY impressed.  The changes I’ve seen after working with version 9 for one day have me interested and curious to discover other changes.

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