SyteLine Basics: Record Cap on Grids

This is about as basic as you can get, but I’m posting it anyway.  When I first started with SyteLine, I wish someone would have explained this to me. 

When you bring up a typical SyteLine grid, you see the first 200 records that match your criteria.  There are times when you need to see more.  With an Event Handler and a little bit of Form Script, this is easily accomplished.

Here’s what the Event Handler looks like.  The Event type is “StdFormInitCompleted” with Form Script Method type and we’ll name our script “RemoveRecordCap()”.  Save this and we’re already half way home.

The Form Script itself is 3 lines and straight forward.  You’ll probably spend more time getting your morning coffee.

The first line dimensions an array called oCache1.  The second line populates (or instantiates) our array with the Primary IDO data. The third and final line updates the Record Cap attribute. By setting it to “0” we’re removing any limitation on the number of records displayed in your grid.


(Fade to black.)

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